1- Thanks to the step of preformation of upright (25mm) more goods can be demonstrated at the same square (to 15 shelves in 2235mm height).

2- The system Click-Clack (mechanical self-fixation of shelf on brackets) ensures heightened resistance and increases the speed of the installing.

3- Using of flat plates with strengthening bridges and barrier using of best quality of PVC price label in variety of color and design such as nickel-chrome plated fence , flat sheet , wooden plate , meshed and performed plate or …

4- Wide range of accessory for each department guarantees layout, which corresponds to the merchandising requirement, and the customer’s attention to each unit of good.

5- Ability to provide the equipment in desire height, width and color.
6- Equipment is covered by fully automatic electrostatic power painting system (robotic).
7- Delivery of equipment would be in carton packing.